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Letter to Self

It’s Leap Year 2016. I was looking up ideas of fun ways to celebrate this with the family and I read about writing letters to ourselves. So I thought, hey! Cool idea.

The idea met with some resistance from the rest of the crowd, but they eventually and good-naturedly sat down with me after dinner to write themselves a letter, not to be opened until February 29, 2020.

Here’s just a quick sneak peak at mine: I wondered about the physical circumstances of my life and how they will be different; what jobs will we be doing, will we still be in the same house? But more importantly, how will God have shaped and changed me? What aspects of who I am will have grown and matured?

I like the idea of reading a letter to myself; it’s kind of like a time capsule. Will I look back in four years and laugh? Or (and this is more terrifying) will so little have changed that it will be like reading a post-it note from yesterday alongside the grocery list.

The last paragraph of my letter was a promise to do my best so that, when I meet with myself four years from now, I can share all I’ve been and done since we last spoke. And that is a promise I think we can all make to ourselves, every day.